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Optimize your B2B sales funnel by working with a trusted partner that lives and breathes lead conversion, direct response email, and marketing automation.

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It all starts with the law of attraction. Approach and attract potential buyers in the awareness stage with relevant content and offers.

Once you build familiarity and trust, you're ready to move them into your funnel & convert them into prospects.


Attracted by a compelling offer, a buyer is ready to enter your funnel and become a prospect.

Use automation during the prospect's consideration stage to provide them with more relevant content & messaging until they are ready to buy.


The prospect has reached the critical decision stage. Now it's time for you to benefit from the trust equity you've accumulated during the nurturing process.

Direct response emails with strong CTAs will get your primed prospects off the fence and turn them into customers.

Scale smart. Supplement your team.

Many businesses struggle with how to proceed when entering the world of CRM and marketing automation. Bring on resources full-time? Hire a large implementation company?

Both options can work, but neither are without risk. Working with a small, nimble resource like gb|sterling lets you tap into marketing CRM expertise without committing to a $180,000 implementation contract or risking a full-time hire that might not be needed in 12 months.

Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Services & Rates

Below are the rates for our most common types of services.
Project fees and monthly retainers also available.


Email Marketing

HTML Design & Template Creation
Image Asset Creation
Direct Response Copywriting
List Segmentation & Management
Email Scheduling & Deployment
A/B Testing
Campaign Performance Analysis

CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM & Automation Setup
Third-Party App & System Integrations
System Administration
Marketing Funnel Creation & Optimization
Landing Page Design
Lead Magnet & Content Creation

Planning & Strategy

Marketing Stack Assessment
Marketing Planning & Recommendations
SaaS Platform Research & Suggestions
Persona Research & Creation
Marketing Channel Analysis
KPI Analysis, Suggestions & Implementation
KPI Reports & Dashboard Creation

More Services

Surprise! Even more services we can work on together to improve your marketing efforts.

Site design and management utilizing WordPress, WIX and Squarespace Content Management Systems.

Let us run your Facebook Ad Campaigns. We can also help manage your current search agency to ensure they are optimized and in sync with your conversion efforts.

Need to increase SaaS user adoption or improve the onboarding process for new customers? Consider an online guide tool such as Pendo or Appcues.

There are thousands of SaaS tools out there. Some will help you grow your business. Others will just waste your time & money. Let us help identify the right tools for you and then work together to implement.

Reduce customer support requests with a clear and thorough help center documentation library using Zendesk or another similar support service.

We can provide high level strategy to decide what SM offers the most ROI for you. We can then turn around and help to manage your content and postings.

Work with a Partner Who Works with Everything.

When you work with gb|sterling, you're working with a partner who has hands-on experience with nearly every marketing automation and email service platform under the sun.

And if we haven't used a platform yet, don't worry, we'll be running circles around their support by the end of the week.

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